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NAHAR is on the ground volunteers distributing food and water to the affected residents of Houston.

Currently, Texas has been facing rainstorms up to 30 inches in certain areas. This is following Hurricane Harvey, a destructive tropical storm, and multiday rain event. According to the National Weather Service, rainstorms will only increase, in some areas it can be up to 50 inches, and is expected to continue until Wednesday.*

According to the New York Times, "more than 450,000 people are likely to seek federal aid, the Federal Emergency Management Agency said on Monday. The agency has estimated that about 30,000 people will seek emergency shelter, and that federal aid will be needed for years.Some 100,000 customers in the Houston area are without power, Floyd LeBlanc of CenterPoint Energy said. Repair crews have had trouble getting through the floodwaters."*

 Texas Governor is calling the storm “one of the largest disasters America has ever faced." In Houston, many citizens are trapped in their homes, injured, or stranded. Although evacuation and emergency relief is on the way, the conditions have been devastating and these residents need our help.*

NAHAR has volunteers on the ground in three different locations assisting the residents affected in Houston by this storm. NAHAR has started this online campaign to support the flood victims in Houston with food and water. Please donate here to help these victims out and remember to keep them in your prayers. 


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