North American Humanitarian Aid and Relief (NAHAR)


Our Programs


     Social services 

  • These services would extend to refugees, displaced families and children, the hungry, and the poor and needy etc
  • Provide school supplies to children in need
  • Women’s empowerment program
  • Family Sponsorship programs
  • Disaster Response services
  • Food package with basic necessities
  • Provide medical and financial assistance
  • Provide warm clothing and necessities for the winter


Orphan Sponsorship


  • A campaign for $1 a day, collect 100 sponsors, each paying $30 a month
  • Further provide orphans with additional aid
    • Total cost: $40,000
  • Feed the Hungry
  • Establish health educational programs
  • Arrange workshop for health education
  • Health promotion and prevention of disease
  • Health screening
  • Nutrition campaign
  • Referral programs


  • Education Programs
    • Provide an opportunity to learn social values
    • Establish literacy programs
    • Establish libraries so essential books are easily accessible


  • Ramadan & Eid Programs
    • Provide Ramadan food/Iftar baskets
    • Qurbani programs
    • Distribute Eid gifts for children
    • Zakat Collection & Distribution
      • This would include Zakatul Fitr and Zakatul Maal


How can you help?


Pray for NAHAR activities

Donate generously

Give suggestions via email, mail and phone call